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I changed my mind about my order after I checked out...can I get a refund?

A full refund is only possible if you cancel your order prior to it being processed for shipment. Once your order has been dropped off for shipment, we are unable to refund but will offer Store Credit and items must be returned to us at your own cost and in their original packaging unused within 10 days. All returned items will be inspected before they can be accepted and approved. We reserve the right not to issue an exchange or in-store credit if items are not in original condition.

Do you take Returns once Items have been worn?

If there is nothing wrong with your piece, sadly no...we do not accept Exchanges or Returns. Please understand this is because these items naturally oxidize over time and receive wear so we are unable to receive returns on non damaged items that have been worn.

That being said...

We do our best to ensure that all jump rings are closed snugly so that chain cannot slip through but sometimes chain has a mind of its own (I mean come DO chains get so tangled just laying in one spot!!) So, if you find yourself in this situation please let us know right away and we will pay to have your item shipped back to us and we will repair it for free and return it to you.

Can you repair a piece that the customer breaks?

Listen, we know things sometimes happen! You're wearing your favorite necklace and your toddler reaches up and yanks on it, ripping it off your neck...what can you do? Send us a picture and we will let you know if we are able to repair it for a nominal fee. If it isn't repairable...time to get a new toddler...just kidding!  We will be happy to remake your piece for you and give you a 25% discount off the regular price to try to ease your heartbreak.


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